Which wallets are RFID?

The Classic Elegance, Encounter, and the Metro are RFID protected.

Is a phone protector case still need for iPhone or does the purses protect it?

We have made the purses so that you can have a case on them, as you will be taking your phone in and out of the purse, and it will need to be protected. Of course it will depend on the size of case you have on your phone and the purse that you purchase, but most normal size cases on a phone fit inside the purse.

Do Iphones with Otterbox covers fit in these purses??

Depends on the purse. I have seen some fit in the Classic Elegance and the Metro with an otter box on it, but of course if you have the largest phone and the largest Otterbox, you might have a problem.

My phone doesn't respond at all through the plastic. How can i fix this issue?

Check your sensitivity setting. That usually fixes any issues. It’s called 3D Touch sometimes too. It’s in your general settings. It’s an easy slide to a gentler setting. Let me know if that works (you can just google how to change the sensitivity setting on your phone and quick instructions pop up).

What material is used to make SavetheGirls purses?

Our purses are made of durable bicast leather.